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One page checkout for PS 1.5 and 1.6

Intuitive. Powerful. Customizable. Responsive. One page checkout for Prestashop 1.5 and 1.6. Including GDPR required customer privacy checkbox.

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One Page Checkout module is now very mature product and when it comes to professional looking and powerful checkout. 


Oh, OK, here's the demo first ...



Backoffice: / demopassword


While Prestashop has it's own One page checkout since v1.4, many shop owners think it's just not it, that it lags behind especially in customer comfort and intuitiveness.

Following our successful One Page Checkout module for Prestashop 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4, we've spent last few months discussing with many business owners to help us design new OPC module for PS 1.5 and 1.6. We're bringing few new features which could help customer satisfaction and conversion even more.

Feature highlights - or what's changed compared to standard OPC:


- No redundant clicks required - no buttons for choosing checkout type, no "Save" button, it's true One click checkout

- Designed with customer visual comfort in mind - compact, not too much cluttered, no surprises, just simple understandable form

- Inline validation - as per study, inline validation definitelly helps to increase customer satisfaction and thus buying potential 

- Better error reporting - error messages are more unified in look and are displayed closer to problematic area and thus help customers to locate more easily what's wrong

- Payment methods are displayed right away and in stylable fashion as radio buttons, no waiting for address fill-in and ToS confirmation

- As with previous versions, very popular Sticky cart and/or Sticky summary, i.e. cart block or cart summary sections is always visible, it's floating.

- Info block (also sticky!) ... everybody likes it, see for yourself on demo site

- Page fading, for better focus on checkout while being on checkout form (fades out disturbing elements on checkout form)

- Finally, support for virtual goods! No delivery address, just email and payments.

- Multiple addresses support, seamlessly integrated as in previous version

- Extensive configuration possibilities back office

- Automatically localized to your language - reusing default translations + many translations contributed by our existing customers worldwide

- Checkout form compliant with the new German e-shop law

- Integrated ship2pay module (restriction of payment modules based on carrier selected, payment modules are ajax-refreshed immediately)

- Responsive layout, in single column, two columns mode or three columns mode

- Want more? Let us know, we're eager to know your opinion and we're prepared to develop this according to YOUR needs


Module is tested with Prestashop 1.5.0 -


Demo site available here:




You may be interested also in "Support" version of this module.


Support version includes:

- free one-year minor and major upgrades

- remote installation or assistance


For existing customers: Customers with standard version of this checkout module can update with 50% discount - just for 39,95 eur (calculated automatically when logged-in). Customers with valid support license (one year from purchase) update for free. Just log-in and make free order.

2013-03-08   Guest:
Fantastic Product and exactly what I was after - an easy check out for my digital products. But even more impressive was the customer service I received - Thank you for your quick responses to my emails. I appreciate all your time.
2013-03-13   Guest:
Could you please add a virtual product to the demo, so it is possible to try the virtual goods feature?

Thanks in advance
2013-03-13   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,

All modules sold here are virtual goods, so you can try with them.
2013-07-18   Khaled:
Used this module since it was first developed and just updated for prestashop 1.5, had a few issues with the theme I was using but had first class support from peter who solved them all. Highly recommend the module its made a hue difference to our customers purchasing experience and wouldn't consider updating our store if this module wasn't available.

Thank you.
2014-06-23   Guest:
Is the problem with customers getting "dummyvalue" saved on all fields solved yet?
2014-06-23   Zelarg:

This behavior ('dummyvalue' in address field) points out to other problems in Checkout, like broken Javascript or incompatibility with some custom core change and it needs to be addressed separately for every customer facing this. If everything works as it should, these values would not show up.
2014-07-14   Guest:
Unpatched PS detected, to proceed with installation please patch classes/module/Module.php with these two bugfixes: 1/ in addOverride method: and 2/ in removeOverride method:

I already made the patch to classes/module/module.php but i have the same error..
Please help!
2014-07-14   Zelarg:
Please contact me on my support email -, and send me please classes/module/Module.php so I can verify it's patched properly.
2014-08-04   Guest:

I've got the same problem with : Unpatched PS detected....

Do you have a solution ?
2014-08-04   Zelarg:
Please contact me on my support email -, I'll explain and send you patched file.
2014-09-05   Guest:

is this module work with prestashop 1.6.09?

Is it responsive ?

2014-09-06   Zelarg:
Yes, it does work with PS and it is responsive.
2014-09-14   Martin:
Hi, We would like to buy 2 licence, but firstly, is there any option to try on our templates before buying full licences? Ist 160 Euro and client wants to see that his shop will be ok.

Is it possible?
2014-09-14   Zelarg:
Hi Martin,

There's no demo version of OPC module, but compatibility with template and payment methods is guaranteed through my fix or refund policy. Moreover, quantity discount applies on multiple licenses, 25% off when buying 2 pcs.
2014-09-24   Marek:
I don't understand the difference between support and normal versions - if I run into a bug with the module but don't have the support version what happens then - do I get a refund or a fix?
2014-09-24   Zelarg:
Hi Marek,

Bugs are always fixed for free regardless of license type.

Support license includes 1 year free updates (including major version, e.g. update of OPC module from PS 1.6 -> PS 1.7), remote installation and help with CSS customization if necessary.
2014-10-08   kostas:
Please o need some modification before bying. Send me mail at
2014-10-27   Shv:

I just got your module however the install failed under PS, with the following message:

The following module(s) were not installed properly:
onepagecheckout :
Unpatched PS detected, to proceed with installation please patch classes/module/Module.php with these two bugfixes: 1/ in addOverride method: and 2/ in removeOverride method:

Can you provide with a solution pls?

2014-10-27   Zelarg:
Hi Shv,

Patching PS's Module.php file is required, please contact me on my email - to get this resolved.
2014-12-22   Mauri:
Does this module work with the Prestashop PayPal Advanced module?
2014-12-23   Zelarg:
Hi Mauri,

Generally OPC module works with any payment module out of the box. Should you have any difficulties, I'm here to help - my support email is in Installation guide.
2014-12-26   Rocco:
Hi Zelarg,

Congrat's for a great module! I have a 3 questions, more or less design related. I have 3 column lay-out and cart summary down.
1. How can I get the submit button directly under the payment options? I already placed the submit button above the cart summary, but there are still pretty large white margins.
2 Where can I change the color of the "Log in"and voucher "OK" buttons (they are yellow now)?
3 Where can I change the text color of "Log-In" in top (In the header of "Already registered?")

Your help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks and greetings from Chile!

2014-12-28   Zelarg:
Hi Rocco,

Please contact me on prestamodules/ with URL to your site, I'll look at this and suggest you specific CSS changes.
2015-01-28   Rocco:
Hi Zelarg,

Thank you for the CSS tips (sent thenext day, I only saw it now). It worked, top-notch service!
2015-02-10   Stephane:
hi Zelarg,
Is this module ok with ?
Thanks a lot,
Best regards,
2015-02-11   Zelarg:
Hi Stephane,

Yes it is OK, it's regularly updated to match up with latest PS version.
2015-02-11   Stephane:
Hi Zelarg,
Great ! So let's go for it !
2015-02-15   Guest:
Me to having trouble with "Unpatched PS detected, to proceed with installation please patch classes/module/Module.php with these two bugfixes: 1/ in addOverride method: and 2/ in removeOverride method:" have made all patches and send it to you, waiting for respons
2015-02-16   Zelarg:

Your patching was OK, but you left original lines there in comments, so the installer still thought it's not changed - there's only very simple full text check in OPC module installer for PS core buggy lines; I've resent you Module.php with those buggy lines removed, please try it now.
Or alternatively you can get Module.php from PS, where this issue was fixed by Prestashop already.
2015-02-23   João:
Please check my email.
2015-02-23   Zelarg:
Hi João,

I have not received any email from you these days, could you please resend it to again?
2015-06-01   Guest:
This module seems to be incompatible with Prestashop
2015-06-01   Zelarg:

It is compatible with PS for quite some time already. Please send me an email to if you need a help setting it up. Often there's a problem with Prestashop's setting in Performance tab: "Disable overrides", make sure that it's OFF.
2015-06-13   Iovanov:
Hi, I've been receiving order confirmation e-mails with dummyvalue as name, address and phone. Is there a fix for this, can you help me with this issue?

Thank you!
2015-06-13   Zelarg:
Hi Iovanov,

Probably the payment method template is not parsing well with OPC module, please contact me on my email -, with details - store URL at first - so I can look at that and fix it.
2016-04-25   Rocco:
Hi Zelarg,

Me again (I got your help with some CSS issues a 2 years ago). I would like to disable a default carrier selection. I see in the translation that there is an error that says "No carrier has been selected", so I reckon that the only thing to do is not having a radio button preselected in the carriers step. Could you please show me where to do that (or which code to disable)?

Thank you very much!
2016-04-26   Zelarg:
Hi Rocco,

Do you see that message on frontend in payment selection list? If so that usually means that no carriers are configured for actual shipping area.

Send me please URL of your site and preferably also a screenshot highlighting the issue on my email -

2016-08-05   Dan:

I installed it and everything was OK, no errors, but when I activate it, it only shows a blank page in front office. I cleared the cache, refreshed the page, tried in 3 browsers and I get the same blank page.

Waiting for your reply.

Best regards,
2016-08-05   Zelarg:
Hi Dan,

I need to check this on your site, please contact me directly through contact form on this page, or on my email:

2016-11-06   Virtual CUSTOMER:
Thanks for the best prestashop module on internet! Thanks Peter for the good service!