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Enhanced Guest product comments

Guest product comment and enhanced comments management module.

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[new] *Update 20.10.2010:*


Two new killer features added to this mod:

  • ReCaptcha for even better anti-spam protection
  • Email notification when comment is posted.


As usual, everithing is fully configurable and you can still choose to keep only simple inobtrusive JS protection and turn on captcha only when spam bots break this basic protection.



This is enhanced version of product comments module.

It sustains all features of original product comments module and adds more.

Major feature in front office is possibility to post anonymous comments (without need for registration).

In back office, intuitive and comfort comments management was introduced - you can view / sort / filter / delete comments, also update them if offensive words are used (or if you just want to change author or content of comment).

Module imports your existing comments and criterions. It fixes double post on page reload problem. It makes possible to change sort order of comments in front office.


Feature highlights:

- Guest / Anonymous comments allowed

- Anti-spam protection (JS and/or Captcha)

- Notification by e-mail when comment is posted

- Criterion features just like in original comments

- Possibility to configure sorting (latest at bottom)

- Comments management from back office (delete, update)

- Import your existing comments

- Does not post double comments on reload.


Supported Prestashop versions - 1.2.x, 1.3.x, 1.4.x

2010-01-30   Guest:
Nice modules!
2010-02-01   Belladict:
Does this module uses the same database as the original Product Comment module? Meaning that it's gonna overwrite the original one?
2010-02-01   Zelarg:
It uses different tables and after installation, there is an option to import comments from original module.
2010-02-15   Guest:
I want this!
2010-02-15   jirpol:
Komentáře jsou přidávány hned nebo se čeká na schválení adminem?
2010-02-15   Zelarg:
Zalezi od nastavenia "Validation required". Tu je vypnute, tzn. komentare pribudaju hned.
2010-03-07   Virtual CUSTOMER:
Je k tomu čeština? Nebo to musím překládat?
2010-03-10   Zelarg:
Ochranu spamu je nateraz cez Javascriptove zmeny parametrov na formulari. Nezatazuje captcha zadavanim a funguje dobre proti beznym - necielenym - spam utokom.

Planujem pridat aj captcha (volitelne), ked bude viac casu...

Co sa tyka cestiny, na front-office su prevzate preklady z Prestashopu, v back-office je to anglicky.
2010-04-11   Guest:
hmm.. I want to be able to moderate the comments before they are public..
2010-04-11   Zelarg:
Dear Guest from 2010-04-11 - You can turn on validation and comments will not show up automatically here, only after you confirm them. I just turned it off in my store.
2010-04-17   Badita Florin:
Chapcha ?
2010-04-17   Zelarg:
Hi Badita,
What regards captcha, there is actually only simple anti-spam method implemented in this module, but it work quite well against spam bots.

I plan to make integration with Prestashop recaptcha module, but there was not that huge demand for this feature so far so it goes slowly.
2010-04-22   Guest:
2010-04-27   lulu:
si ça marche c'est super
2010-05-12   Guest:
Tiene buena pinta este módulo
2010-05-13   Maxime:
is it possible to show the latest comments on first page?
2010-05-19   Zelarg:
Hi Maxime,
You can set in backoffice configuration, whether to sort comments ascending or descending by date. So you can have newest comments on top.
2010-05-31   Zelarg:
I have specific version for Prestashop 1.3, which is under validation at moment and will be available very soon.
2010-06-21   Guest:
Looks Good
2010-06-23   Guest:
2010-08-27   Hannibal:
Super nice - great job!
2010-09-06   Virtual CUSTOMER:
goob job
2010-09-10   asddsa sssss:
2010-09-20   Guest:
trop cher
2010-09-27   Guest:
very good
2010-09-28   Guest:
where is antispam protection ?
2010-09-29   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,

Actually *there is* a JS antispam protection implemented here (and it is totally transparent). As you can see here, it protects satisfactorily. The only captcha integration requests were here in comments, customers who purchased this (as per my information) are satisfied with this antispam protection.
2010-10-13   Jimmy:
2010-10-15   Test Test:
cooooooooooool !
2010-10-16   Diana:
I'm very happy with this module. Though I have a problem: After I submit a comment, the url appears in his dinamic form, even if I have the url friendly activated. How cand I fix this?
2010-10-17   Zelarg:
Hi Diana,

To fix that, please edit /modules/productcommentsanonymous/productcommentanonymous.php, line 465, change 'action_url' to this:
'action_url' => $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'],
2010-10-17   Diana:
Thanks a lot!
2010-10-20   Zelarg:
Hi All,

Guest product comments module underwent two major enhancements - Captcha protection and Email notifications. Check it out!
2010-10-26   Guest:
es una prova
2010-10-27   45f:
2010-11-07   Guest:
just a quick test...
2010-11-21   Virtual CUSTOMER:
2010-11-22   Milan:
Chcel by som sa opytat, ci sa da zmenit captcha za jednoduchsie slova a viac citatelnejsie alebo najlepsie by bolo ak by sa captcha zobrazovala v SK jazyku, je to mozne?
2010-11-23   Zelarg:
Milan, zobrazovane slova v Captcha sa zmenit nedaju, resp. menia ich vyvojari recaptcha, aby obtiaznost bola vzdy pred schopnostami spam botov.
Do SK jazyku sa da prelozit len interfejs, tzn. napr. popisky tlacitok (navod vid.
2010-11-29   Guest:
2010-12-04   Guest(SuperDuper):
Can I reply the comments in B/O??
and will the guest receive a notify email when I reply to him/her??
2010-12-04   Zelarg:
Hi SuperDuper,
As guest comments do not require leaving email address, there is no possibility to notify guest. About replying from BO - haven't thought about it, but as far as there is no possibility to notify "guests", replying from comments section should be just fine.
After all, comments are supposed to be for leaving feedback for site owner and other customers.
2010-12-14   Guest:
cool test!
2011-01-18   Guest:
This module is goining to be a project saver! Many thanks!
2011-01-31   Liviu:
Nice module. I've been looking for this kind of stuff for quite a while.
2011-01-31   Liviu:
Hi, Zelarg!

Is there any possibility to display all the comments directly on the product's page, without clicking the "comments" tab?

Thanks and waiting for an answer!
2011-01-31   Zelarg:
Hi Liviu,

Yes, it is possible to display comments without clicking comments tab. Just change div id=... in productcomments.tpl so it does not start with idTab - then, it's content will be displayed always.
Moreover, if you want to disable Comments tab button, do so by commenting out content of method hookProductTab() in productcommentsanonymous.php
2011-02-04   Guest:
Test Text
2011-02-11   Virtual CUSTOMER:
no ISO code for e-mail after submitted a comment. How to solve this?
2011-02-12   Guest:
Just testing, thnx
2011-02-13   Zelarg:
Hi Virtual Customer,
Please check your email, I have replied to you regarding this ISO code issue.
2011-02-21   Guest:
I will try this module.
2011-02-28   Guest:
Nowy komentarz
2011-04-14   Guestar:
2011-05-16   Cookie:
Just testing your product comments module. Looks good!
2011-05-16   Virtual CUSTOMER:
Hey, im just paid your module and install it, but i have a problem.
I’m using prestashop 1.4.1
If i activate it, my site disappeared. Also i can’t acces the module
2011-05-17   Zelarg:

I've contacted you back on your email - sending guest checkout mod for PS 1.4.1.
2011-06-21   Liviu:

i installed your module on my site and i got the same error message with ISO code.
And the second issue: although i configured the module, the captcha does not appear on front end.
Please help me!
Thank you!
2011-06-21   Zelarg:
Hi Liviu,

Check your email, I looked at your site and answered your questions.
2011-08-04   kokowal:
Testing the module
2011-09-15   Guest:
2012-01-11   Roger Sindreu:
Just trying
2012-07-18   Guest:
2012-10-01   Jose Antonio:
Hello, we have changed the prestashop to and now we have problem with the modulo OnepageCheckout. When one customer made one buy the web have one Technical Error
2012-10-01   Zelarg:
Hi Antonio,
send me please email with more details. Here are just comments to "enhanced guest product" module
2012-10-01   Jose Antonio:
See your e-mail please
2012-10-04   Zelarg:
2012-10-17   Guest:
2012-10-29   Johannes:
Will this module work with PrestaShop 1.5?

Does this module support multiple languages of the comments?

E.g. we have both Danish, German and English users, and would like to be able to translate the comments for the other languages. Is this possible?
2012-10-29   Zelarg:
Hi Johannes,

It wasn't yet tested with PS 1.5, at the moment, OPC module is being updated to PS 1.5, after that, other modules would follow.
What regards translations, this isn't unfortunately easily possible, there's only one message text associated with every post.
2012-12-21   Sarah:
How i get tutorial 'create command'
2013-04-18   Johannes:
Any plans to update for PS 1.5 ?
2013-04-18   Zelarg:
Hi Johannes,

Unfortunately it's still hasn't been updated to PS 1.5; I've run PoC on this topic and it must be rewritten from ground up. I wish I had more time to do that, but OPC module support in ever-changing and bugy PS releases keeps me quite busy.
2013-11-10   Boris Prado:
Zelarg! how its going the plan to upgrade this great module?