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One page checkout for PS1.2-1.3

Enhanced module for anonymous single page checkout.

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Update 25.2.2011: Prestashop 1.3.7 supported.

Older updates: 21.1.2011: Prestashop 1.3.6 supported. 3.1.2011: Prestashop 1.3.5 supported. 7.12.2010: Prestashop 1.3.3 supported. 8.10.2010: Prestashop 1.3.2 supported. 1.6.2010: Prestashop 1.3.1 supported. 7.2.2010: Next generation One page checkout module.


Latest version of module: 1.2.7. (released on 25.2.2011) Over 500 installations and many hours invested last months brings mature, fine-tuned product.


Main focus of this module is intuitive and fast checkout while keeping all advantages of registered customer.


Watch the screencast of OPC module features:


Feature highlights:

- Anonymous, single page checkout

- Fully Ajaxed (carrier / payment / shipping changes)

- Silent customer registration - generated password sent by email

- Multiple addresses support, seamlessly integrated

- One click installation procedure

- Extensive configuration possibilities back office

- Automatically localized to your language

- Vouchers, Gifts, Newsletters, Free shipping threshold, ...

- Thoroughly tested


Features beyond one page checkout mod:

It is not only express checkout, but this module adds more also in other areas:

- Smart carrier selection (learn more)If you have more carrier options with different prices for different weights and shipping zones, this feature chooses by default cheapest available carrier. When user makes manual carrier selection, his selection is remembered.

- Sticky summary blocks (learn more)

- Ability to make email optional field for even faster checkout

- Google analytics form tracker (learn more)

- Hide delivery address for virtual carts



Description of checkout process:

One page checkout integrates to Prestashop as a Prestashop module. Installation is seamless and module can be installed and removed easily in back office just like any other module.

It changes checkout experience of your customers. When they click "Checkout" button in their shopping cart, they can immediately see cart items and form with necessary fields, without hassle with account creation. Moreover, you can make number of fields even smaller via back office configuration to simplify checkout even more.

When customer is changing shipping country / carrier, costs are automatically updated without reloading of whole page (via Ajax).

Order form is made dumb-proof and it will keep already filled-in data on user action (changing cart quantities, insert voucher code)

Module looks like anonymous, but customer account is created on background, and generated password is send to customer, just in case they need to access their order history or gather loyalty rewards. If they come to shop again, they can either log in and form is pre-filled for them or they can order anonymously with same email. Order is then matched to same customer account.

Simply put - customers can shop anonymous, but if they want, they can log-in and use advantages of registered users - all of this seamlessly.

This module was thoroughly tested on all major browsers with Prestashop versions: 1.2.1 - 1.2.5 and 1.3.0 - 1.3.7.

Please note: Module does not work with 1.1. version of Prestashop.

Tested with these other modules:
ship2pay_1.2.2, UPS shipping estimation, and plenty of payment modules


One page checkout module is installed and can be also purchased in this shop.


You may be interested also in "Support" version of this module, which includes e.g. all major upgrades for free.


For existing customers: Customers with standard version of this guest checkout module can update to 1.0 version with 50% discount - just for 27,50 eur (calculated automatically when logged-in). Customers with support license have it one year for free. Just log-in and make free order.

2009-12-27   Guest:
Keep up good work man.
2010-01-03   Sergio Alfaro:
Gran módulo!! Muy útil y configurable. Funciona perfectamente en una instalación con PS 1.2.4 en castellano.
2010-01-25   Guest:
Hello Zelarg,

Just installed your module on my test site. I have it running in conjunction with the UK paypal pro module. Seems ok at the moment, but will let everyone know how it goes once i migrate to a live site.

Have a couple of issues that I need to address:

When you view items in your cart, or go to checkout, the cart page is labelled ‘shipping’. The breadcrumb also says shipping. I need this to say ‘shopping cart summary’ or similar.
Directly beneath the shopping cart summary table, there should be a link / button that says ‘continue shopping’ and maybe some other text explaining that they need to fill out the rest of the form in order to checkout.
Please can you tell me what files I need to amend to achieve this???

I have posted this question on your prestashop forum thread if you can address this there. I'm sure others would like to know the answer
2010-01-26   Zelarg:
Hi, as answered in prestashop forums, it can all be done by simple changes in order-carrier.tpl file.
2010-01-27   Guest:

Yep. I aswered those q's myself. But thank u. V.nice plugin.
2010-02-08   Guest:
Hello again Zelarg, Just an update to let you know the plugin is working just fine. Managed to pimp it out with a lot of css / tpl tweaks. I notice u have released a newer version. any bug / security updates in it? I haven't notice anything wrong with the version I am using, just curious...
2010-02-08   Zelarg:
New version is mostly about new features and look and feel enhancement. I would inform about critical bug fix via email, there was none since 0.6.8 version.
I made screencast video, so you can check the new features out.
If you have support license, you can also download latest version for free from your account (just log-in and make free order, 100% discount is set automatically)
2010-02-19   Guest:
does this module work with v1.3.1 alpha?
2010-02-19   Zelarg:
Haven't tried yet, waiting for at least beta version, there can be still many changes between alpha and later versions.
2010-03-19   Guest:
Does it work with presta 1.3 beta 1 ? I want to buy it now, but I'm working on this latest prestashop....
2010-03-23   Steve:
Well worth every penny! I added the module to my test site first, spent a few minutes modifying some of the text to fit in with my existing checkout modifications and launched it onto our live shop today! In a word, Wonderful!

Hopefully now all the abandoned carts we've been getting due to having to register and wade through 4 pages as with the original checkout may become buyers!

10/10 :O)
2010-03-25   petterovski:
Hi. I just bought and installed one-page checkout on my webshop, seems to be a awesome module. However i'm having some problems and since i did'nt buy support version, i dont know what to do. Can i perhaps upgrade to support version?

I get error on order.php: Fatal error: Class 'Tools' not found in /hsphere/local/home/krakenas/ on line 9

And also when trying to add product to cart i get error:

TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to add the product.

Error thrown: [object XMLHttpRequest]
Text status: parsererror

I run prestashop version 1.2.4

Everything was working fine before i added this module.
2010-03-29   Zelarg:
Version for 1.3 beta 1 is already developed and being tested these days. Hopefully, it will be prepared with final release of Prestashop 1.3.

Also problem reported by Mr. Petterovski have been already solved few days ago, it was due to permissions, Tools class was not visible to order.php script.
2010-03-29   Stephen:

I recently purchased this script and I'm having issues with it. I tried to install it twice.

When I add a product, I get:

TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to add the product.

Error thrown: [object XMLHttpRequest]
Text status: parsererror

All pages, like my cart, order, etc. show just white pages.

Any help would be nice - the plugin installs no problem.
2010-03-30   Zelarg:
Hi Stephen,

Please contact me on my email (prestamodules /at/ gmail dotcom) with link to your shop, I will take a look at it.
2010-04-02   Mark:
Hi Zelarg, I have been looking at this module and I hope to purchase the Support one, I have 2 questions,

1, Will this work with any theme other than the default PS one?
2, Will this also work with any payment module other than the default ones?


2010-04-09   Jan:
Hello everybody,
I highly recommend getting this module. Works fine, installs very quickly, I did not encounter any problems. Can be seen at
2010-04-11   Zelarg:
Hi Mark, answered via email already, just to keep records: Short answers: 1/ Yes, 2/ Yes, although, there may be some fine-tuning required to match your theme perfectly.
2010-04-25   KasperFP:
Hi Zelarg

I have bought and installed version 1.0.2 of your wonderful module, but something's not right - and I'm not sure if it's your module that has a bug, but let me know if it is (and if you could tell me how to fix it would be great):

When first time shoppers completes a purchase, they doesn't get an email with neither order confirmation nor account creation confirmation.
When logged in users completes a purchase, they do. :-|

You know about this?
2010-04-29   Zelarg:
Hi KasperFP,

This can be caused by number of reasons, starting from wrong configuration of email templates in Prestashop to problems with payment module. Please send me an email to prestamodules at gmail, with link to your shop and we will try to solve this.
2010-05-12   Tina:
I just bought this module as it seems to be a great addition to my new Prestashop. However, I forgot to check if it was compatible with v.1.3 beta and it doesn't seem to be (yet). I have read in forums that you are going to make it compatible with the final version of 1.3 and I just wondered if I will recieve that version somehow (when it is ready) or if I have to purchase it again?
2010-05-12   Tina:
Hmm, I guess I should have purchased the support version for upgrades.

I thought the support version were only for support on installation and I guessed I wouldn't be needing that...

Anyway I can change to support version?
2010-05-14   Rich:
Hi i am running prestashop 1.2.5 and the iris 3 theme not sure if your familiar with that template but i have problems with modules not working properly with the way the template css works. Do you think this module will work with my website?

Would be great if you could advise or let me know if you think it will or won't

2010-05-15   Guest:
Very nice module, congragulations from Barcelona (Catalunya)
2010-05-17   KasperFP:
Hi all,

I've just spend a lot of nights trying to figure out why OPC didn't play well with my own custom theme.

What I found out was that jQuery stopped supporting non-valid JSON formatted data from version 1.4, and since I used v. 1.4.2, it made my OPC module stall when trying to fetch carriers.

So this is definately a bug you should look into Canin, if you not already haven't. :-)

For all others who wants a fast second best solution, downgrade jQuery to 1.3.2.

2010-05-19   Zelarg:
@Tina: Support license includes free future updates, which will be downloadable from this site anytime.

Also, if you already purchased standard license, when you log in to site (or just get back from same browser), there is possibility to upgrade to support version for discounted price.

@Rich: As far as I can see, your theme is a two column, a bit more complicated one than standard themes, so there might be necessary additional tuning of template files. But I have customers with similar templates, so I guess it should work fine at the end.

@KasperFP: Thanks for spotting this issue. Module was validated only on Prestashop's default jquery package. I will look at it and will try to make json data valid.

In urgent need for support or when having important question, please contact me on my email, which I read most often - prestamodules [@]
2010-05-24   Diana:
I've bought yesterday a standard license. I know that it's without support, but maybe you can enlight me.
It's all ok, except that I don't receive an email with the generated password (I've made a test). But I receive the one with the order confirmation. The password appears in db, but I don't receive it on email.
2010-05-24   Diana:
Sorry for my stupid question, I just saw that the password is included in email confirmation :)
2010-05-31   Lukas:
As of when will this be available for Presta 1.3?
2010-06-02   Zelarg:
Hi Lukas,
Version for Prestashop 1.3 final is available since yesterday.
2010-06-02   Lukas:
Cool, thx for the feedback. will prob. buy it :)
2010-06-04   Diana:
Hi again,

I've received today an order without any field completed. I mean, without email, city, name, etc, all the required fields. How can be possible?
And I've noticed that the order goes on if I complete just the email, but in all other fields I type spaces. Is there a way to fix this?
2010-06-05   Zelarg:
Hi Diana,

Normally it should not be possible to create an order without filling in all mandatory fields and only space in field should be ignored. Please contact me on my email - prestamodules at, with link to your store, and version of Presta and One page checkout module.
2010-06-19   ct1976:
Excellent! Many thanks
2010-07-03   Joals:
Hi I plan to buy the non-support version thus already reached my spending limit. So want to ask about template compability here. I use Will it work and be up and running with one click install? Many thanks
2010-07-05   Zelarg:
Hi Joals,

B&W theme is already tested. It works with little manual update to checkout page template (to include right-hand side div box). Contact me after purchase and I will send you details.
2010-08-03   Guest:
Can you please make a double password input for the coming register?

The second password input is just for a confirmation purpose.

Or why not make a switch in BO, enable or disable double password input?

Many thanks. I will see.
2010-08-04   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,

I can prepare custom update (second password input) specifically for your site. This would be covered in support license.
2010-09-03   Jim:
Hi there, I purchased the module but it turns my page blank when I add a product to cart. I've tried anything, any ideas?? Could it be I have a two column theme?
2010-09-05   Zelarg:
Hi Jim,

The problem can be caused by version conflict (if you installed it on old Presta). Please contact me by email so we can resolve it.
2010-09-13   Stephen:
I have added this module to a site. I add a product and fill in all the details.
I then click next and the following message appears "please wait, submitting", the cart then empties and the following message appears "Your shopping cart is empty." I can't seem to get to any payment gateway or even select "pay by cheque"
The test address of the site is
2010-09-16   Bram:
First of all congratulations on the module that is already purchased. All works, only I was disappointed not to update prices if there are areas of tax and duty free. Just updated the price of shipping. It is essential for Spain. Please, I need an update
2010-09-17   Virtual CUSTOMER:
Mám ten samý problém s prázdným košíkem. Investoval jsem 1100Kš do něčeho co nefunguje a podpora se mi neozývá! Hezké to je.
2010-09-18   Zelarg:
Please contact me by email with details about your Presta and OPC versions and brief explanation of custom changes if you have done some. I guess the problem is caused by conflict with other mod or customization.

I hope that was you who contacted me recently with this problem and we are already settling this down.

@Pan z CR: Prosim, kontaktujte ma emailom v pripade, ze je s modulom nejaky problem. V poslednej dobe som nedostal ziadny email z CR, ktory by naznacoval, ze nieco nefunguje.

For all: Please, in case you need immediate support, contact me on my email prestamodules [@], this place is supposed to be for general questions and comments.
2010-10-05   Guest:
Does this work with PS 1.3.2 ???
2010-10-05   Thomas:
Hi since the module instalation in admin directory, our website is down, the backoffice too !!!!!!

2010-10-05   Guest:
aciu :D
2010-10-08   Zelarg:
The OPC mod supporting Presta 1.3.2 has been just released.

We already resolved problem. Root cause was in OPC / Presta versions conflict, with proper OPC version it seems to work OK.
2010-10-17   Virtual CUSTOMER:
Now It work very well! there are a little problem on ownership
Good Support Thanks Peter,
Work fine also with Italian Language
Very good component for PrestaStore!!
2010-10-22   Guest:

Has this module been tested with the Certitrade payment module?

If so, then i'll most likely buy this simple check-out module.
2010-10-22   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,
Normally OPC module works with any payment module. Sometimes payment options are not parsed correctly, but this was always resolved by simple template update.
2010-11-03   Virtual CUSTOMER:
Just a quick question, can I use the module for different shops or is it licensed just for one?... Thanks
2010-11-03   Zelarg:
You can use the mod for more shops as long as these are owned by same person or legal entity.
2010-11-08   Joel:
Our Newsletter module stopped working when we installed this module, the Newsletter module does not generate an csv-file any longer. Too bad, but we replaced the newsletter module with a third party solution, much more sofisticated. Just my 2 cents (bought it without support). Works great otherwise! :-)))
2010-12-01   Steve:

If i buy this i get also the updates right now so i will be able to use the module on PS 1.3.1?


2010-12-01   Zelarg:
Hi Steve,
At the time of purchasing, you get the most recent stable version of One Page Checkout module, suitable for PS 1.3.x and also PS 1.2.x.
Did that answer your question?
2010-12-06   Steve:
Hi Zelarg! I have bought your product. What can i say, it is awesome! Really good work!
My only problem is that if the payment methods are on the same page with the others, they are simply not showing up (the loader "loads" all the time). If they are on a separate page, everything is fine. Can you help me out? Thanks! (I am using PS v.
2010-12-07   Zelarg:
Hi Steve,

Please send me a link to your store to prestamodules at and I will look at it. Most probably this is caused by payment method's template parsing issue.
2010-12-16   Guest:
Will it work in spanish language
2010-12-17   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,
This module works basically with any language, it reuses about 90% of existing translations, though few phrases need to be translated. For Spanish (and also English, Dutch, German, French, Finnish, Czech, Romanian, Polish, Russian, Swedish and Slovak) even these few phrases are already translated.
2010-12-17   Ralf:
Dear Zelarg,
I'd like to add this to my shop but I also want to add a discount on one payment. As this needs be calculate the discount and shipping - everything - on one page I'm not sure if it will work.
Do you have experiences with a discount on payment xy module (which one) or does this just require the "support" version and you'll fix it if there should be a problem?
Cheers, Ralf
2010-12-17   Zelarg:
Hi Ralf,
Unfortunately, selection of payment method have no influence on price, there is simply no support for that in PS core. Also payment mod COD with fee, which adds fee on total price, does this by workaround - increasing total price when order is validated.
My suggestion is to make rather carrier + payment selection "at once" and this way you can set separate prices for "carrier1+payment1" and "carrier1+payment2". This is usable only for small number of carriers and payments.
2010-12-24   JJ:
Hi Zelarg,

Many thanks for this brilliant module. I just install it on my local PS I find that my order.php is the original one and after click the continue checkout button, it goes to order.php?step=1. How can I modify to make it order.php be the order.php?step=1, just like yours?
2010-12-25   Guest:
Merry Christamas!

I suggest to global $page_name in those functions in order.php. Because sometime people like me try to use this variable to control the view.

Many thanks!
2010-12-30   Zelarg:
JJ: In order.php, line 597, you can change default display page:
$smarty->assign('errors', $errors);
2010-12-31   Guest:
Are you going to update the module for v1.4 ? I think your module is still significantly better than the default v1.4 one.
2011-01-03   Zelarg:
Hi Guest, Thanks, I will continue development on this module, though it would require another approach this time.

I would like to take advantage of new functional and API features introduced in PS 1.4 and also capitalize on existing user experience and customizations so far.

This should result in more robust, better performing module with enhanced user experience.
2011-01-24   michael:

I purchased and installed this module but only get a blank page when I go to checkout.
I am using prestashop and the default theme.
2011-01-24   Zelarg:
Hi Michael,

Please contact me at prestamodules / with further details - version of OPC module installed and link to your store. Also please see UserGuide.pdf, FAQ section, "After installing module my whole store turned blank page."
2011-01-26   Ralf:
Is there a board somewhere to discuss this module? Me for instance - I would like to know where I can translate the "Total products, Total shipping, etc." on the Step 1 of checkout with my brand new module.
Is that somewhere in the manual?
2011-01-27   Mael:
Hi Zelarg!

Really good module but Same problems, blank order step, and now not able to add item to the cart.

Already sent you 2 emails to your address.
I'm waiting for your reply, thanks for your help

2011-01-28   Mael:
Thanks again Zelarg!

This module is running perfectly. Glad to get it.
Actually, the only problem with this module was ME !!!
Really quick and good support from Peter.

2011-01-30   Zelarg:
The One page checkout module is discussed here on Prestashop forum:

Fields you have written here should be normally translated out-of-the-box, reading your existing translations, please contact me on my support email if this is not the case for you. Anyway, translations are normally available through Backoffice translation tool.
2011-02-11   michael:
Working perfectly now.
I just installed the wrong version.
Excellent module
2011-02-11   Jens Mikkelsen:
Greate module. :D
2011-02-11   Rolandas:

I am today buy your module onepagacheckout and have error on the payments ...

PAYPAL - After return for accept payment its give error on white screen ....

Liberty Reserve - Also problem with this screen but it will be shown after going to Payment and site not opened ...

ERRoRS is:

Some parameters are missing.
2011-02-13   Rob:
Small question. I think I have still one step to much when I order something on my site. When I order something it's not going directly to te onestep checkout step one but to for example; order.php?ipa=1093
2011-02-13   Zelarg:
Rolandas: Please check your email
Rob: I guess you have turned off ajax cart and thus you are redirected to cart summary automatically. This can be changed so that you are redirected directly to checkout page, please contact me by email and I will tell you how.
2011-02-28   Guest:
Hi Peter,

Hope all is well with you.

I just have a quick question hope you could help. Basically, on some of the order on our website appeared to have a missing shipping address (blank shipping address). However, the billing address got recorded, I guessed when customer clicked on shipping address as the same as billing address on the checkout page but it did not get save.

This problem leads to the fact that system could not calculate the shipping cost and marked as 'Zero' and make the transaction marked as ERROR when customer returned from Paypal.

Do you know where I can check if shipping address was marked as the same as delivery address and also if no shipping address entered then we could assume it is the same as billing address. This would make sure that the shipping cost always got set to prevent the Payment Error on the validation.

Many thanks,
2011-02-28   Zelarg:
Hi Hung,

This issue is most probably caused by dynamic tax option and it had been resolved in latest OPC. Check your email for further information, I've just replied to you.
2011-03-10   kiamaru:

j'ai 2 sites web. si j'achète le module, je pourrais les utiliser sur les 2 sites webs?

2011-03-10   Zelarg:
Tant que vous êtes le propriétaire des deux sites, vous pouvez utiliser le module OPC sur les deux.
2011-03-11   Guest:
I'm using ipnotik theme will this module work with it?
2011-03-12   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,
Generally OPC module works with any theme - it uses standard form layout used in PS, though sometimes some small CSS updates are necessary to fit nicer.
2011-03-18   Guest:
Hi Zelarg,
How is OPC for PS 1.4 coming along?
2011-03-18   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,
Please see discussion in +support version of OPC module.
2011-03-26   Guest:
Is your modul working with Italian VAT (iva) registration number ?
2011-03-26   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,
If you mean Italian version of PS with new fields added - unfortunately OPC does not work well out of the box on it. However, I have few Italian customers, so I believe they have resolved it somehow (probably using different field - like address2 for p.iva and cf?)
2011-05-20   adichi:
Is this working with the ship2pay module?
2011-05-20   Zelarg:
Hi adichi,

Yes, OPC module is working fine with ship2pay.
2011-05-20   adichi:
Thank you. I will buy your module pretty soon.
2011-05-25   Henrik Jansson:

We bought this awesome module about two months ago, and it really is great. But we've experienced one issue: The orders are not shown in Google Analytics. If the customers check out the "normal" way the orders can be seen. Is this a known problem, or may I have done something wrong when I installed it?

Best regards, and keep up the good work!

2011-05-26   Zelarg:
Hi Henrik,

Please contact me on my email with version of your PS and OPC module and link to your store. Normally google analytics code for tracking transaction is placed in order-confirmation - and called from ganalytics module form hookOrderConfirmation, so it should not depend on OPC module. Anyway, send me an email with those details and I'll look at it.
2011-05-27   adichi:
I bought this module one week ago and it's all OK with it. I just need to modify something: the field for the carrier name is too small and I want to add some width. How can I do that?

Thank you!
2011-05-28   Zelarg:
Hi adichi,

Please send me an email to prestamodules at with link to your store, so I can look at your styling. Usually you can extend this width by properly set CSS.
2011-06-19   Guest:
Hi Zelarg! I have bought your product. What can i say, it is awesome! Really good work!
My only problem is that if the payment methods are on the same page with the others, they are simply not showing up (the loader "loads" all the time). If they are on a separate page, everything is fine. Can you help me out? Thanks! (I am using PS v.
I have this problem exactly.
what i must to do to solve this problem?
2011-06-20   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,

Please send me an email with link to your store, I'll check it out. When payment methods do not load, it means "general problem" and for details I need to check error console in browser.
2011-06-27   shiv:
when new version 1.4.1 Release this one extension ...
2011-06-27   Zelarg:
Hi shiv,

Quite soon I hope, please subscribe to notification list if you would like to be informed - do so by sending me an email to prestamodules at
2011-07-01   soundar:
TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to save adresses Details: Error thrown: [object XMLHttpRequest] Text status: parsererror

plz help me to fix
2011-07-01   Zelarg:
Hi soundar,

Please send me a link to your store via email, this error only tells there's general parsing error and I need to look in error console to see more.
2011-07-06   MOKL:
Does it "support" the Klarna module?
2011-07-06   Zelarg:
Yes, OPC module does support Klarna payment module.
2011-07-12   Guest:
I am wondering if it works with my site:, we are using 1.31 version here. Let me know if it works fine and I will buy it from you.
2011-07-12   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,
OPC module works basically with any Prestashop site, so it'll be compatible also with your e-shop.
2011-07-17   Louisa:
Hi there

I'm wondering if you are continuing to support this theme for prestashop 1.4+ ? I know that prestashop finally has a one page checkout but I think that yours is better!

2011-07-18   Zelarg:
Hi Louisa,
If by theme you mean this OPC module than yes, I'm continuing with it's support and I plan to release OPC for PS 1.4 quite soon.
2011-07-18   Virtual CUSTOMER:
Yes sorry I did mean module, thanks for that I look forward to seeing it! Is there anyway I can be notified by email when it is released? Thanks
2011-07-18   Zelarg:
Sure, just send me an email and I'll add you to notification list.
2011-07-26   Guest:
Hi, do You have customers from Poland? Did they reported errors or other issues related to polish version od prestashop or modules like "" or ""?
2011-07-27   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,
Yes, I do have customers from Poland and they haven't reported anything special related to polish version of PS. And what regards payment modules, basically any payment module is supported with OPC so also these two should be OK (if not, I'll fix it).
2011-09-01   Boris prado:
Agree Louisa, your module is better than the one that came with PS 1.4, im waiting for your upgrade so i can upgrade my PS and continue using your module!!

Nice Job!
2011-09-13   KAMATEL:
does this module work with v1.4.4.0
2011-09-14   Zelarg:
Hi Kamatel,

OPC module for PS 1.4.4 is available since today here:
2011-09-14   Guest:
Looks awesome, one question. On the DEMO site the field for ex. E-mail. The text to the right is not showing properly right in IE8. Is that a bug or can you "adjust" it by your self?

And can you write your own text there in the module?
2011-09-15   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,

What exactly is not showing properly? Just tried in IE8 and it looks consistent. Could you please send me a screenshot to
Anyway, you can change those texts easily (through BO / Translations) and also styling can be adjusted (margins, colors, fonts, ...)
2011-12-27   Bram:
Hey, there are still problems with the tax?
2011-12-28   Zelarg:
Hi Bram,

What sort of problems do you mean?
2011-12-29   Bram:
Prestashop 1.2, VAT or TAX in Euorpe shops is not updated.
2011-12-29   Zelarg:
Hi Bram,

Dynamic tax update on checkout form is supported since OPC v1.2.0, it just needs to be configured as described in UserGuide. If you have problems with that, please contact me on my email -
2011-12-29   Guest:
The last for prestashop 1.2 is the OPC v.
The OPC v.1.2.7 only works from Prestashop 1.3?
2011-12-29   Zelarg:

That's right, dynamic tax switching works only on PS 1.3 and newer.
2012-01-03   Virtual CUSTOMER:
after installing module, i think it automatically disable to use PS_FORCE_SMARTY_2. which creates some smarty error. when i switch back smarty to PS_FORCE_SMARTY_2. it gives me below errors.

Warning: Smarty error: unable to read resource: "shopping-cart.tpl" in /home/test/public_html/pnew/tools/smarty_v2/Smarty.class.php on line 1095

Warning: Smarty error: unable to read resource: "order-opc-new-account.tpl" in /home/test/public_html/pnew/tools/smarty_v2/Smarty.class.php on line 1095

Warning: Smarty error: unable to read resource: "order-carrier.tpl" in /home/test/public_html/pnew/tools/smarty_v2/Smarty.class.php on line 1095

Warning: Smarty error: unable to read resource: "order-payment.tpl" in /home/test/public_html/pnew/tools/smarty_v2/Smarty.class.php on line 1095

can you please tell me what is the problem with your module???
2012-01-03   Zelarg:

Yes, OPC module switches by default to smarty3 (as do also few other modules) and in most cases this can be resolved quite easily.
Please contact me on my email -
2012-04-08   Handcraft:
It seems nice module but why ur screenshots are so small in sizes? I am really not able to grasp, how exactly ur module works.
2012-04-10   Zelarg:
Hi Handcraft,

When you click screenshot image (the bigger one), it shows in big size. There's also screencast included in page details and also here on this page, there's OPC module installed, so please feel free to play around with it.
2012-04-11   Handcraft:
What if we wish to hide "Hide delivery address for virtual carts" coz we dont hv any virtual product. All will be delivered at address n so we dont want anyone to click or unclick that option.
2012-04-12   Raghu:
Will this module work with all major Payment Gateways such as PayPal, Money Bookers, DirecPay, CC Avenue?
2012-04-12   Zelarg:
I'm not sure I understand.. if you don't have virtual products, delivery address will be visible always, of course.

Yes, vast majority of payment modules works well with OPC, should that not be the case, I offer refund.
2012-04-16   Raghu:

I am trying to install this module, I am getting the following error on the view page:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Product::getProductFaq()

Please help...
2012-04-16   Zelarg:
Hi Raghu,

Please contact me on my support email - with URL to your store and more details about this error (when does it occur?)
2012-07-20   Virtual CUSTOMER:
Hi , I want to buy one-page-checkout module , my site is running on version and i want to know if it is 100 % compatible with it and easy to install and customize. Thx
2012-07-20   Zelarg:
Yes, OPC module is compatible with PS 1.3.6.
Hola, hemos cambiado la prestashop a y ahora tenemos un problema con el módulo OnepageCheckout. Cuando un cliente hace una compra en la web tiene un error técnico
2012-10-01   Zelarg:
Please send me an email with more detailes
2013-02-10   Mila:
Great professional, and great module. I recommend it.