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One page checkout for PS 1.4 +Support

Flexible and intuitive checkout module for Prestashop 1.4 (Including support package)

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We're proudly introducing our third generation of checkout module for Prestashop 1.4. 


Oh, OK, let me try demo first ...


While Prestashop 1.4 have it's own One page checkout, many shop owners think it's just not it, that it lags behind especially in customer comfort and intuitiveness. 


This module is for shop owners with high expectations, who would like to take better control over checkout form and who would like to offer top class, intuitive and hassle-free checkout to their customers.


Following our successful One page checkout module for Prestashop 1.2 and 1.3, we've spent last few months discussing with many business owners to help us design One page checkout for PS 1.4. To our surprise, most of them were 100% satisfied with previous version and didn't want to change anything, some contributed with useful thoughts and now, we're bringing few new features which could help customer satisfaction and conversion even more.

Feature highlights - or what's changed compared to standard OPC:


- No redundant clicks required - no buttons for choosing checkout type, no "Save" button, it's true One click checkout

- Designed with customer visual comfort in mind - compact, not too much cluttered, no surprises, just simple understandable form

- Inline validation - as per study, inline validation definitelly helps to increase customer satisfaction and thus buying potential 

- Better error reporting - error messages are more unified in look and are displayed closer to problematic area and thus help customers to locate more easily what's wrong

- Payment methods are displayed right away and in stylable fashion as radio buttons, no waiting for address fill-in and ToS confirmation

- As with previous versions, very popular Sticky cart and/or Sticky summary, i.e. cart block or cart summary sections is always visible, it's floating.

- Info block (also sticky!) ... everybody likes it, see for yourself on demo site

- Page fading, for better focus on checkout while being on checkout form (fades out disturbing elements on checkout form)

- Finally, support for virtual goods! No delivery address, just email and payments.

- Multiple addresses support, seamlessly integrated as in previous version

- Extensive configuration possibilities back office

- Automatically localized to your language - reusing default translations + many translations contributed by our existing customers worldwide

- Integrated ship2pay module (restriction of payment modules based on carrier selected, payment modules are ajax-refreshed immediately)

- Also we fixed vouchers handling on checkout form, they weren't ajaxified at all

- Want more? Let us know, we're eager to know your opinion and we're prepared to develop this according to YOUR needs


Module is tested with Prestashop 1.4.0 - 1.4.11


Demo site available here:


Support version includes:

- free one-year minor and major upgrades

- remote installation or assistance


For existing customers: Customers with standard version of this checkout module can update with 50% discount - just for 27,50 eur (calculated automatically when logged-in). Customers with support license update one year for free. Just log-in and make free order.

2011-09-15   Mark:
I'm so excited!!! I've been using this module since PS 1.2 and it's the ONE module that resulted in a significant increase of the conversion rate. Looking forward to using it for PS 1.4.. will let you know how it's working! All the best, Mark
2011-09-30   Olof:
This is the best module for prestashop, it really gives the shop that importent look in the payment section, have used this from 1.3 and now for 1.4, it is just better and better !!!
Highly recomended !!!!
2012-10-04   Guest:
2012-10-04   Zelarg:

Very soon, please stay tuned! Also if you like, please subscribe to notification list for OPC for PS1.5 release at
2012-11-05   Guest:
Would it be possible for there to be an option in the BO to change the addresses around so billing address first and then delivery?
2012-11-06   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,

The simplest solution without any template customization would be to rename delivery address to billing (and vice-versa). However, one must count with that and expect carriers to show up based on "billing" address.

2014-11-30   Marius:
I bought this more than a year ago and works nice. Peter, the developer also did two modifications which I needed (for a reasonably small fee) and works great!