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One page checkout for PS 1.4

Flexible and intuitive checkout module for Prestashop 1.4

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We're proudly introducing our third generation of checkout module for Prestashop 1.4. 


Oh, OK, let me try demo first ...


While Prestashop 1.4 have it's own One page checkout, many shop owners think it's just not it, that it lags behind especially in customer comfort and intuitiveness. 


This module is for shop owners with high expectations, who would like to take better control over checkout form and who would like to offer top class, intuitive and hassle-free checkout to their customers.


Following our successful One page checkout module for Prestashop 1.2 and 1.3, we've spent last few months discussing with many business owners to help us design One page checkout for PS 1.4. To our surprise, most of them were 100% satisfied with previous version and didn't want to change anything, some contributed with useful thoughts and now, we're bringing few new features which could help customer satisfaction and conversion even more.

Feature highlights - or what's changed compared to standard OPC:


- No redundant clicks required - no buttons for choosing checkout type, no "Save" button, it's true One click checkout

- Designed with customer visual comfort in mind - compact, not too much cluttered, no surprises, just simple understandable form

- Inline validation - as per study, inline validation definitelly helps to increase customer satisfaction and thus buying potential 

- Better error reporting - error messages are more unified in look and are displayed closer to problematic area and thus help customers to locate more easily what's wrong

- Payment methods are displayed right away and in stylable fashion as radio buttons, no waiting for address fill-in and ToS confirmation

- As with previous versions, very popular Sticky cart and/or Sticky summary, i.e. cart block or cart summary sections is always visible, it's floating.

- Info block (also sticky!) ... everybody likes it, see for yourself on demo site

- Page fading, for better focus on checkout while being on checkout form (fades out disturbing elements on checkout form)

- Finally, support for virtual goods! No delivery address, just email and payments.

- Multiple addresses support, seamlessly integrated as in previous version

- Extensive configuration possibilities back office

- Automatically localized to your language - reusing default translations + many translations contributed by our existing customers worldwide

- Integrated ship2pay module (restriction of payment modules based on carrier selected, payment modules are ajax-refreshed immediately)

- Also we fixed vouchers handling on checkout form, they weren't ajaxified at all

- Want more? Let us know, we're eager to know your opinion and we're prepared to develop this according to YOUR needs


Module is tested with Prestashop 1.4.0 - 1.4.11


Demo site available here:


You may be interested also in "Support" version of this module.


Support version includes:

- free one-year minor and major upgrades

- remote installation or assistance


For existing customers: Customers with standard version of this checkout module can update with 50% discount - just for 27,50 eur (calculated automatically when logged-in). Customers with support license update one year for free. Just log-in and make free order.

2011-09-15   kamatel:
Before I purchase this module I have any questions.
In case of COD I want to add additional fee. May I set it in this module?
In case PayPal I want to add additional fee who is calculatet as percent of total price. Can I do it?
/sorry for my english/
2011-09-16   Zelarg:
Hi kamatel,

In case COD module does add fee, it'll be transparently supported. For PayPal fee, I'm not aware of any ultimate solution for this, what I suggest in case you have small number of carriers / payment combination to use carrier - payment pairs as carriers with pricing precisely set in BO along with ship2pay module (included in OPC mod) and hidden payment methods box - this could look nice.

Moreover, to add % of total price, I'd update code for shipping price calculation and with certain "carrier" (=carrier+payment), it'll calculate as % of total.

If I wasn't clear enough with my explanation, please feel free to contact me back at
2011-09-30   ysco:
He Peter ;)

Just wanted to say after more then 2 years i m still very pleased with the OPC module.
The new version for PS 1.4.x is totally awesome, the best version you made.
I like especially like the inline validation, but all features are great.
Thanks buddy.

2011-10-15   Guest:
does this 1.4 module still alter the core files? or is a standalone module?
2011-10-17   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,
Nope, this version doesn't alter core files anymore, it uses overrides introduced in PS 1.4.
2011-12-02   Joshua:
whats the difference with the module: One page checkout - next generation
2011-12-02   Zelarg:
Hi Joshua,

This is version for PS 1.4. and newer, with some added features like inline validation and info block.
The "next generation" version is evolution of OPC module for PS 1.3.
2011-12-29   Bram:
is compatible with carrier module Mondial Relay???
2011-12-29   Zelarg:
Hi Bram,

I hope so, but I haven't tried with Mondial's live service. Please contact me at so we can agree on testing OPC mod with live service.
2011-12-29   Bram:
Hi Zelarg,

This is the module:

2011-12-29   Zelarg:
Hi Bram,

Yes, I know the module, I've tested it with dummy set-up, but I'm not sure whether webservice calls with live service work, that's why I asked for cooperation with testing. Just contact me on my email, I'll write you more details.
2012-01-10   Patrik:
I'm using this plugin with PS and it's working well. Except for one thing.

When i delete a customer or change a country in Shipping (Ex. removing identification number for Spain). The checkout always says "nothing in cart" for every customer after that and it's impossible to make a purchase...

I solve the problem by going to modules and clicking reset on OPC, and setting my settings right again. Then it works perfectly again. This is a very strange problem and one that I have gotten support emails about everytime i clean up i PS admin.

2012-01-12   Zelarg:
Hi Patrik,

What do you mean when you delete customer? Using PS Backoffice? If so, this could cause issues when using same email (as the one deleted) for checkout again.

Please contact me on my support email to resolve this.
2012-02-13   Guest:
1.4.7 compatible???
2012-02-14   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,

Yes, it is compatible with latest PS 1.4.7
2012-02-16   Guest:
Hi, bought it a few days ago and it's a great module!

Since i don't have the cart in a column I'd like the "InfoBlock" to show up after my categories block instead. Theres an option for that in the settings and i added "#blockcategories" but it doesnt work. What I'm supposed to type?

2012-02-17   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,

Please contact me on my support email - prestamodules at gmail with link to your store, I'd need to see layout of your theme to suggest you proper solution.
2012-04-11   Drw:
Quote: "Finally, support for virtual goods! No delivery address, just email and payments."

How can one handle taxes (e.g. EU VAT) without delivery address? The EU requires shops to charge VAT if a product (virtual or tangible) is sold to a customer in the EU (unless customer is a business with a VAT number).

This is not a complaint, I'm just wondering how people are dealing with this situation.
2012-04-12   Zelarg:
Hi Drw,

There's checkbox to specify invoice address where you can change the country and add VAT ID. Also you can specify tax rules based on Invoice address (in Prestashop BO)
2012-04-20   Drw:
Brief review after using this module for some days:
- Checking out with a virtual product and a delivery address requires some fixes to work: The post code is not shown in the address form but actually required to check out which makes checking out impossible.
- The module seems to copy translations over, probably from the PrestaShop OPC module. It does not properly escape quotes (') which breaks at least the French translation (empty page shown instead of checkout page for all French speaking customers).
- I will still keep it installed for a couple of days to see the impact on sales but might uninstall it again due to problems customers are reporting when checking out.
2012-04-20   Zelarg:
Hi Drw,

Thank you for your review. This bug with ZIP code field display on virtual cart checkout will be fixed in following release, as you've seen, fix is actually quite simple.
What regards translations, yes they're copied from Prestashop core translations, but there should not be problem with quotes as far as I'm concerned. There's lots of installation of OPC module with quotes-having-language.

What other problems are your customers reporting? Please get back to me with them on my support email so we can get through and solve them.
2012-04-21   Drw:
In short: a customer checks out with a guest account, then tries to download, creates a real account to do so and as a result cannot download through either his real account nor his guest account. His guest account cannot be transformed into a real account either.

Very common also: customer already has an account but uses a guest account to check out. Similar problem.
2012-04-23   Zelarg:
Hi Drw,

OPC module is just different GUI to checkout process and it uses existing core functionality for creating (guest) accounts, downloading products, etc., so these should work fine regardless of OPC module is activated or not. Please contact me on my support email so we can resolve it.
2012-05-13   Angel:
Hi Zelarg, I have bought this module and when I click on checkout to proceed payment the system show me this error message:

TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to save adresses

Error thrown: [object XMLHttpRequest]
Text status: parsererror

How can I solve this?

Thank you very much!
2012-05-14   Zelarg:
Hi Angel,

This is just general json parsing issue, which could be caused by number of reasons, we need to look in firebug console to know exact cause. I've already written you an email, so please get back to me there.
2012-05-22   SHW:
I recently bought this module and I just have to say I'm extremely happy with both the solution and the support! The module works like a charm in my customized theme thanks to the A++ technical help: simply great, many thanks!
2012-05-30   Art:
Hi Zelarg!

I bought this module 1 year ago and I'm very happy with it. One problem I have though is that whenever someone uses a discount code, the products disappear from the paypal receipt, and it says only My cart,

How can I fix this?
2012-05-31   Zelarg:
Hi Art,

As usual, please contact me on support email with further details (site URL, sample voucher code), so I could see it.
2012-06-01   jawkami:
Hi Zelarg,
can You please tell me is it possible to switch the invoice address with delivery address so that the main address is for delivery and invoice and the second is "use another address for delivery"? Is it possible to change this and how much would it cost? (I'm willing to buy this fantastic module).
2012-06-01   Zelarg:
Hi jawkami,

Under certain conditions it's quite easy - i.e. if your shipping configuration is not complex and mostly you deliver to one country. Simple solution then is renaming delivery to invoice and vice-versa. The only drawback I can see here is that shipping modules would take "new invoice" address as reference. As said earlier, that might not be problem.
2012-06-07   Innar:
Hi Zelarg!
I'm interested in the module One page checkout for PS 1.4. The one that is can be seen as demo
But before the purchase, I have a question.

But is current module the same? I'm asking because screensots that you have for this module seem to be from a bit different module - the one that can be found here:

Please confirm that if I purchase the module, it is the same as on demo site:

Could you please reply quickly?
Innar from Estonia
2012-06-08   Zelarg:
Hi Innar,

Yes, it is same module. Actual look depends on OPC module configuration and theme's styles.
2012-06-14   Bram:
compatible version 1.5?
2012-06-14   Zelarg:
Hi Bram,

Not yet, but it'll be soon after PS 1.5 final is out.
2012-07-15   Adam:
You can share a virtual product demo? I would like to see how the order process in this case.
2012-07-15   Adam:
Solved. Your modules are sold in this way :)
2012-07-28   Rory:
Peter's support onj this module has been nothing less than stellar- he's dealt with several custom modifications and fixed compatability issues with other modules - great module, highly recommended.
2012-08-16   Johannes:
I purchased the module for PrestaShop 1.4.7, but now 1.5 is just around the corner.

Will I be able to upgrade free of charge?
2012-08-16   Zelarg:
Hi Johannes,

As usual, for support license customers for free, others with some big discount.
2012-08-17   Johannes:
Hi Peter,

That sounds very good.

As I am currently in the process of preparing the upgrade to 1.5, all I need is your OPC module.

Any chance to get a (beta) version of your OPC module for 1.5 already? Just needs basics, mostly to have the template finished.

Also please, for inspiration, have a look at this shops OPC:

2012-08-17   Zelarg:
Hi Johannes,

Beta is not yet available. And thanks for the suggestion, definitely I'll inspire by that, because similar layout has been already suggested by more customers, so I'll do something about it.
2012-09-14   Johannes:
Hi Zelarg,

The 1.5 final is out.

Any news on when we may expect your great addon?
2012-09-15   Bram:
v. 1.5???
2012-09-15   Johannes:
Prestashop v1.5 final
2012-09-18   Thomas:
is valid for version 1.5?
2012-09-18   Zelarg:
Hi all,

OPC module for PS 1.5 is being actively developed these days, and it'll be released in about two weeks.

Please suggest me PS 1.5 ready templates which I should include in testing.

2012-09-20   Bram:
Hi Peter,

Please let me know bram @

Best regards and thanks,
2012-10-01   Guest:
Zelarg, is developing advanced to version 1.5? that date is planned?
2012-10-05   TC:
Any plans for supporting 1.4.9?
Currently running version 2.0.2, and addresses are
missing from orders, they are just empty.
2012-10-05   Zelarg:
Hi TC,

PS 1.4.9 is well supported in latest OPC version, so just make an upgrade.
2012-10-06   Johannes:
Hi Zelarg

Any news on release date for supporting Presta 1.5?

2012-10-07   Zelarg:
Hi Johannes,

I'm working hard on it these days, it's taking a bit more time as expected initially - mostly due to other tasks I've been involved into recently; Anyway, it's on a good way and very soon I'll release final version.

Thanks for patience.
2012-10-19   Johannes:
Hi Zelarg,

Any links where we can help you test and provide our feedback?
2012-10-22   Zelarg:
Hi Johannes,

Please contact me on my email - prestamodules / so we can arrange these things around demo version.

2012-10-26   Aurélien:
This module is very useful.

6 month after i purchased it, i updated my e-shop, and something went wrong (error messages, problem with paypal...).

The seller of OPC helped me and solved my problems, very fast and really kind.

I recommand it.
2012-10-29   Matus:
Mám tento modul na mojom webe ale rád by som dal prestu na novu 1.5 hlavne koli spoločnému adminovým na rôzných weboch. Bude to fungovať aj tam? alebo musím počkať na novu verziu
2012-10-30   Guest:
Any news about 1.5 version?
2012-11-01   Zelarg:
@Matus: Tato verzia OPC je len pre Prestu 1.4, OPC pre PS 1.5 prave vyvyjam, coskoro bude releasnuta.

@Guest: I've already started second phase of beta testing with few customers, if you're interested in this pre-final version, just drop me an email to
2013-08-05   Virtual CUSTOMER:
Purchased it two days ago. Already installed, hardly css modified and running correctly, fully compatible with 4 non-so-tipical payment modules.
Very happy with my acquisition. ;)

PD: Purchased v1.4 for a live site running PS1.4.11