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One page checkout for PS1.2-1.3 +Support

Enhanced module for anonymous single page checkout. (Including support)

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Update 25.2.2011: Prestashop 1.3.7 supported.

Older updates: 21.1.2011: Prestashop 1.3.6 supported. 3.1.2011: Prestashop 1.3.5 supported. 7.12.2010: Prestashop 1.3.3 supported. 8.10.2010: Prestashop 1.3.2 supported. 1.6.2010: Prestashop 1.3.1 supported. 7.2.2010: Next generation One page checkout module.


Latest version of module: 1.2.7. (released on 25.2.2011) Over 500 installations and many hours invested last months brings mature, fine-tuned product.


Main focus of this module is intuitive and fast checkout while keeping all advantages of registered customer.


Watch the screencast of OPC features:


Feature highlights:

- Anonymous, single page checkout

- Fully Ajaxed (carrier / payment / shipping changes)

- Silent customer registration - generated password sent by email

- Multiple addresses support, seamlessly integrated

- One click installation procedure

- Extensive configuration possibilities back office

- Automatically localized to your language

- Vouchers, Gifts, Newsletters, Free shipping threshold, ...

- Thoroughly tested


Features beyond one page checkout mod:

It is not only express checkout, but this module adds more also in other areas:

- Smart carrier selection (learn more)If you have more carrier options with different prices for different weights and shipping zones, this feature chooses by default cheapest available carrier. When user makes manual carrier selection, his selection is remembered.

- Sticky summary blocks (learn more)

- Ability to make email optional field for even faster checkout

- Google analytics form tracker (learn more)

- Hide delivery address for virtual carts



Description of checkout process:

One page checkout integrates to Prestashop as a Prestashop module. Installation is seamless and module can be installed and removed easily in back office just like any other module.

It changes checkout experience of your customers. When they click "Checkout" button in their shopping cart, they can immediately see cart items and form with necessary fields, without hassle with account creation. Moreover, you can make number of fields even smaller via back office configuration to simplify checkout even more.

When customer is changing shipping country / carrier, costs are automatically updated without reloading of whole page (via Ajax).

Order form is made dumb-proof and it will keep already filled-in data on user action (changing cart quantities, insert voucher code)

Module looks like anonymous, but customer account is created on background, and generated password is send to customer, just in case they need to access their order history or gather loyalty rewards. If they come to shop again, they can either log in and form is pre-filled for them or they can order anonymously with same email. Order is then matched to same customer account.

Simply put - customers can shop anonymous, but if they want, they can log-in and use advantages of registered users - all of this seamlessly.

This module was thoroughly tested on all major browsers with Prestashop versions: 1.2.1 - 1.2.5 and 1.3.0 - 1.3.7.

Please note: Module does not work with 1.1. version of Prestashop.

Tested with these other modules:
ship2pay_1.2.2, UPS shipping estimation, and plenty of payment modules


One page checkout module is installed and can be also purchased in this shop.


Support version includes:

- help with module integration if you have some non-standard payment modules or themes

- design customizations: changing layout of elements on checkout form

free one-year minor and major upgrades (Standard version license offers only bugfixing updates)

2010-02-08   Henrik Pantle:
I'm courious...

is it possible to display/give download of a picture with the complete backend options?
2010-02-08   Zelarg:
Screenshot is here:
And options are also shown in video screencast.
2010-03-11   Totally Bike:
We paid a programmer to set up our standard checkout to UK address format, will this module mean that it reverts back to the French Format?
2010-03-16   Jean:
Hi Zelarg,

I am having an issue with my install of 1.0.6. Obnce installed, the "Choose your payment method" the ajax-loader.gif just sits there moving around and around. Please could you help. Please email me thought my "Presta Modules > One page checkout +Support" contact email address. We just launched today and it is somewhat urgent if you have some spare time
2010-03-18   Zelarg:
I have replied to you on email you send me.

To contact me in future, please email me directly as I do not read these comments very often.
2010-04-04   Guest:
[reference] You can see module running also here:
2010-05-20   Guest:
Does this module support this payment module?

2010-05-31   Zelarg:

As far as I can tell, any payment module should work with onepagecheckout mod. However, if it would not work, I am assuring customers to fix that or refund payment for onepagecheckout, as I understand, that seamless integration with payment modules is very important.
2010-06-17   Guest:
ok. thanks!
2010-06-17   Guest:
is this module going to be prestashop 1.3 version compatible?
2010-06-17   Guest:
all right. I found the answer already: "we tested it on Prestashop versions: 1.2.1 - 1.2.5 and now also 1.3 - 1.3.1 final."
2010-07-07   Mark:
Purchased this module a couple days ago. Installed it on 1.2.5. Works like a charm. Had some minor problems at first (conflict with another module that I've installed) but Peter was very helpful. What an amazing support! What an amazing module! Thanks.
2010-08-07   Guest:
Is it possible to make it work in a way so that it dosen´t creates an acount for the custumer when they are shopping.
2010-08-08   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,
An account is required by Prestashop internally, but customer does not need to know an account has been created, it is only matter of communication towards customers.
2010-09-04   Mike:
Great product, very easy install ! ! !

I did notice one minor bug, doesn't matter if a registered customer or one that doesn't register. When canceling an order from PayPal and returning to order.php the QTY in the summary shows the amount in stock and not the number of items the customer ordered. Cart side block shows correct but order.php doesn't.
2010-09-05   Zelarg:
Hi Mike,

The problem with showing incorrect quantity is caused by using templates for Presta 1.2.x on Presta 1.3, as Presta team have changed property name. It is also described in troubleshooting section in UserGuide (of OPC mod), please have a look there how to solve that.
2010-10-06   Mike:
Presta 1.3.2 has been out a few day's now. Since OPC touches some core files is there any potential problems with upgrading? What is the best procedure for doing an upgrade like this?
2010-10-08   Zelarg:
Hi Mike,
Just today I finished updates and validation of OPC mod to support Presta 1.3.2 (OPC mod version 1.2.1).
2010-10-17   Virtual CUSTOMER:
ERROR ON OnePageCheckout component!,
I place order of this component Three days ago, The component give me a error message:
TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to add the product.

Error thrown: [object XMLHttpRequest]
Text status: error

And I don't receive any reply from this company.
I hope that someone could be support a customer.
Absolutly amazing module!
Very great job.
2010-11-05   Mandrin:
Hi Zelarg,

Will this module work with any payment gateway module?

2010-11-05   Virtual CUSTOMER:
Hi Zelarg,
great module!
Just one question. That 65EUR I should pay for one website or I can use that module with all my websites?
Thank you in advance!
2010-11-08   Zelarg:
Mandrin: Yes. As long as the payment mod works OK in standard Presta, it should work OK also when using OPC mod.

Virtual Customer: You can use it with more websites in case these are owned by you.
2011-01-18   Richard:
Hi, I noticed now you support the version 1.3.5 do i get a free update as i purchased the module and support. As i am having a right battle configuring it to work.
2011-01-18   Zelarg:
Hi Richard,
Please get back to me at prestamodules with further details so we can resolve any issues.
2011-01-22   Phar:
Hi Zelarg.

Very, very interesting, but some questions:
- is it possible to have a "confirm your email address" field?
- is your module compatible with net-bw theme? and "product list attributes" from PrestoChangeo?
- what is the support version vs "no support" version? the technical sheets are the same.

Thank you.
2011-01-24   Zelarg:
Hi Phar,

You can add another field for email address verification and handle it e.g. via Javascript so that email is verified with original field.
What regards Product list attributes, I cannot confirm that unless I can see changes required by this module and whether it also requires core files changes.
Support version is mainly about services, technically module is same - please see at the bottom of "+Support" version.
2011-01-31   Phar:
Hi Zelarg,

i am not a javascript expert, will you help (with support version) if i encounter any problem in adding an email address field verification? I have seen something about it in the forum...
2011-01-31   Zelarg:
Hi Phar,

Sure, I can help you with setting up email address verification field. Just feel free to contact me at my support email with further details.
2011-02-24   Guest:
Hi Zelarg,

That's great module. I think I will buy it for my website.

I also have question about licenses. If I buy it, can I use that module on my other websites?
2011-02-24   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,

Yes you can OPC module on more sites as long as you are owner of them.
2011-02-25   Vitali:
Hi Zelarg,

As you already know, PS v.1.3.7 is released.

Do that module works ok with new version?

2011-02-25   Zelarg:
Hi Vitali,

I made validation tests yesterday and PS 1.3.7 is fully supported by OPC v1.2.6+.
I've just updated product page to reflect this.
2011-03-17   Guest:
I do hope you'll continue developing this with v1.4, I've tried their version of one page checkout and your's has a much better flow which makes it easier to understand for the customer.
2011-03-17   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,
Yes, we're developing OPC for 1.4 - it's from scratch development (as new PS version offers new possibilities for better design), though I'm a bit afraid of it's marketing potential considering there is out of the box OPC present in PS. Luckily, some of our existing customers already expressed they would like to use our OPC mod also with new PS 1.4., so after internal testing and ramp-up testing with few customers, it's going to be generally available.
At the moment, I do not want to give any deadline for this, but definitely want to finish it ASAP.
2011-03-17   Henrik:
could we get it as an update when we own the +support version?!

would be great ;-)
2011-03-18   Zelarg:
Hi Henrik,
I haven't thought yet about pricing policy, but my long term goal is always to favorite support license owners, so it would be at most only small fee, maybe even completely for free.
2011-04-19   Virtual CUSTOMER:
Any news on the update? :)
I can't wait. The OPC in PS 1.4 sucks!!
2011-04-20   Zelarg:
Hi, Sorry for delay, almost two weeks I struggled with illness. Hopefully during Easter holidays I could move on.
Thanks for patience.
2011-04-29   Allan:
Hi Zelarg

Any news about your module?
The ps 1.4 check out is killing me.

Best regards
2011-04-29   Zelarg:
Hi Allan,

Working on it, but it goes slow due to non-optimal conditions in my private life. I'm sorry for all delays but health is important, I hope I would fix it soon so I can provide first class work again.
2011-04-29   Allan:
Sorry to hear about your health :(
And you are right. Health is more importent then a module :)

Looking forward to be the first to buy the update :)

Best regards
2011-05-23   John:
I would definitely buy the new OPC for 1.4
2011-05-25   Kris:
Hi Zelarg,

Anything new on the OPC for 1.4 ?

Best regards,
2011-05-25   Zelarg:
Hi Kris,
I'm much better now and I started to work on software projects again. I don't want to commit to fixed timeframe, but I'll do my best to finish it ASAP, it's in my best interest after all.
Thanks for patience.
2011-05-26   CF:
I hope you feel better now. Your module is exactly what I've been looking for. I have version 1.4.1 and what understand, your module is not ready for that version yet?
2011-05-27   Zelarg:
Hi CF,

Yes that's right - module isn't ready yet for PS 1.4.1, I'm developing it at the moment and I wish to finish it ASAP, respecting quality criteria.
2011-06-10   Tomas:
Is there any estimated date of releasing ?
2011-06-10   Zelarg:
Hi Tomas,
Workin' hard on it, estimation could be a bit tricky as there's lot of testing and cross-browser, cross-theme and cross-module fine tuning. Very rough estimation would be 2-4 weeks.
2011-06-14   Jimmy:
Sounds great. We are looking forward to the release. Keep up the good work!!
2011-06-15   Mark:
Using your OPC with my prestashop 1.2.5 since last fall and it made a huge impact since my customers aren't computer literate and hence checkout must be as easy as possible.

I'm currently setting up a new shop with 1.4 and looking forward to receiving your OPC for 1.4.
The one from Prestashop sucks big time (e.g. a customer has to fill out the address and save it before seeing the payment methods)
2011-06-20   Carl-Fredrik:
Good luck with the tests of 1.4. Waiting for that version =)

A proposal. Can you page have a newsletter or similar that we can subscribe to. Can be useful when new versions come out. Now I go in here several times a week and look after 1.4 :)
2011-06-21   Zelarg:
Hi Carl,
If you want be notified about OPC for PS 1.4, just send me an email with that and I'll include you in my notify-when-ready list.
2011-06-27   Guest:
Hi carl
can you Please specific date week / month bcoz our client want to upgrade pshop version
2011-06-27   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,
If your message was meant for me, I'd like to avoid specific release date so I won't release unfinished or not well tested product under time pressure. I can only tell that I'm working on it and after several struggling points at the beginning, now it goes well and I started first functional tests + I'm adding new features, configuration and tuning UI for better user experience.
Thanks for patience.
2011-07-08   Cdata:
I am looking forward to see the mod for 1.4.3 very soon.. as the 1.4 OPC are nothing like yours.
2011-07-08   Michael WEST:
Will there be a notice in your newsletter to existing support customers? Take your time, it's well worth the wait to have it working right!
2011-07-11   Zelarg:
Hi Michael,

If you'd like to be notified about OPC for PS 1.4, just drop me an email and I'll include you in my notify list.
2011-07-30   Guest:
I was waiting for new version for PS 1.4 but during this time I managed to customice original OPC. In true it is not so difficult at least if you compare it with 1.3 version.
Anyway I was using this product for PS 1.3 and during this time I had no complains. Also support from author was superb.
Keep going and good luck.
2011-08-08   Guest:
Any update when the 1.4 version will become available?
We are eagerly waiting for the best prestashop addon on the market :-)
2011-08-11   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,
It'll be very soon, tests are going well.
2011-08-25   Guest:
Hi Zelarg

Any news about the module? :)
2011-08-26   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,

For about 10 days, beta 3 version of module is being tested by few customers on their e-shops, we're fine-tuning last things and hopefully beginning of next week I'll finally release it.
2011-08-28   Mark:
Looking forward to the release!! Thanks
2011-08-29   Jimmy:
Can you please tell us the name of the beta-testers. I would like to see it live :)
2011-08-31   Zelarg:
Hi Jimmy,

Send me please email to prestamodules/gmail and I can send you some links.
2011-09-09   Guest:
Any news on the release date?
2011-09-14   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,
Sorry for delay, but here's good news, it's available since yesterday, check it here:
2011-12-30   Guest:
I am running a modified Prestashop 1.2.5...
Will this module still work for me?

2011-12-31   Zelarg:
Hi Guest,

This depends on what exactly is modified. Please send me a list of modifications or modified files to my email