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Solid (not virtual) product

Solid (not virtual) product

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2009-12-14   Guest:
First anonymous comment.
2009-12-14   Guest:
Another anonymous comment...
2009-12-14   John Doe:
Comment from registered user.
2009-12-15   Guest:
2010-02-08   Heinz Mustermann:
coole Presta-Shop Module.

is it possible to edit comments, if I'm a registered customer - even more important can the shop-owner delete single comments. And how does Spam-Protection work?

ahoi, h.
2010-02-09   Zelarg:

If you mean editing your own comments - it is not possible.

As shop owner, there is powerful and easy-to-use administration of comments, which includes sorting, filtering, bulk / single deleting and even editing existing comment! (censorship, or so)

Spam protection - for now, there is simple spam protection configured. It will protect you against robots, but it will not protect you against attackers.
This simple protection have benefit, it does not require user to calculate anything nor typing-in captcha.
It works quite well, as you can see, no spam is here.
However, for better level of protection, I am working on recaptcha integration (in next release)
2010-03-03   Guest:
2010-03-25   A different Guest:
hola charola
2010-04-04   Guest:
I bought 2 times from this seller and works well.
2010-05-06   Guest:
2010-05-11   ěščřž test:
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2010-06-18   Guest:
2010-10-11   Svennebanan:
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2010-11-12   Virtual CUSTOMER:
2010-12-01   Guest:
hello worldjampladypepper
2011-05-25   Guest:
2012-09-17   Guest:
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2012-09-17   Guest: