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Modal Cart with Full-ajax summary & Cross-selling

Displays nice and compact Cart Summary Popup / Modal window whenever 'Add to cart' button is used. Now with fully ajaxified cart summary and cross-selling support.

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29,90 €

Encourage customers to proceed with checkout once they decide to put item into shopping cart.
Customers might get more confidence with store when what they need is readily shown.


  • Nicely styled and full-functional (ajax responsive) modal cart summary displayed in pop-up (configurable in module settings)
  • Works with built-in Cross-selling module, cross-sells can be displayed directly in pop-up
  • OR, just a simple pop-up with direct link to the cart (more layout options)
  • Easy installation - no overrides, no permissions troubles, a single click installation

Customer Benefits

It's not just about showing customer where the cart is, it's rather about comfort and peace of mind, providing customer right information, right offer at right time.



Prestashop versions 1.4.x - 1.6.x




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